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News > GPI releases statement concerning Canon GEO

GPI releases statement concerning Canon GEO

 August 5, 2013

GPI's Enneagon gear

GPI’s Enneagon gear

The company has stated that it “respects” the General Exclusion Order and is “actively pursuing” a clearance from the GEO for its current toner gear designs.

General Plastic’s statement notes that it “respects the intellectual property rights of third parties and requests third parties to respect GPI’s intellectual property rights as well”, noting that it is aware ofthe GEO in the Canon case, and that it was “not a party to this proceeding”, adding that “Canon accused none of GPI’s products in the investigation”.

The company continued: “GPI is actively pursuing a clearance from US Customs and Border Protection to confirm that its current designs, such as the flower gear and enneagon gear, are not subject to the General Exclusion Order.”

Both Static Control and UTec have responded to the General Exclusion Order in recent months.