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CISS with ARC for Canon IP4820 IP4850 MG5250 IP4870 ect. printers


  New CISS with auto reset chip for following Canon printer model : 

Cartridge model Color For printer
PGI-125PGBK Black   Canon Pixma:IP4810/IP4910/MG5210/MG6110Canon Pixma:IX6510
CLI-126BK Black
CLI-126C Cyan
CLI-126M magenta
CLI-126Y Yellow
CLI-126GY grey Canon Pixma MG6110
PGI-225PGBK Black   Canon Pixma: MG5120/5220/6120/8120 Canon Pixma:IP4820/IP4920 Canon Pixma:Mx882/IX6520
CLI-226BK Black
CLI-226C Cyan
CLI-226M magenta
CLI-226Y Yellow
CLI-226GY grey Canon Pixma:MX8120/IX6520
PGI-325PGBK Black   Canon Pixus:MG5230/5130/6130/8130 Canon Pixus:IP4830 Canon Pixus:MX883/IX6530    
CLI-326BK Black
CLI-326C Cyan
CLI-326M magenta
CLI-326Y Yellow
CLI-326GY grey Canon Pixus: MG8130/6130
PGI-425PGBK Black Canon Pixma:MG5240/5140/6140/8140 Canon Pixma:4840 Canon Pixma:MX884/IX6540
CLI-426BK Black
CLI-426C Cyan
CLI-426M magenta
CLI-426Y Yellow
CLI-426GY grey Canon Pixma:MG8140/6140
PGI-525PGBK Black   Canon Pixma:MG5250/5150/6150/8150 Canon Pixma:IP4850 Canon Pixma:MX885/IX6550   
CLI-526BK Black
CLI-526C Cyan
CLI-526M magenta
CLI-526Y Yellow
CLI-526GY grey Canon Pixma:MG8150/6150
PGI-725PGBK Black Canon Pixma:MG5270/5170/6170/8170 Canon Pixma:IP4870 Canon Pixma:MX887/IX6570
CLI-726BK Black
CLI-726C Cyan
CLI-726M magenta
CLI-726Y Yellow
CLI-726GY grey Canon Pixma:MG8170/6170
PGI-825PGBK Black Canon Pixma:MG5280/5180/6180/8180 Canon Pixma:IP4880 Canon Pixma:MX888/IX6580
CLI-826BK Black
CLI-826C Cyan
CLI-826M magenta
CLI-826Y Yellow
CLI-826GY grey Canon Pixma:MG8180/6180