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Continuous Ink Supply System for Design jet 500/500ps/800/800ps/815mfp 


 Continuous Ink Supply System for Design jet 500/500ps/800/800ps/815mfp,more printer,more save


CISS Compatible with:

Design jet 500/500ps/800/800ps/815mfp(Cartridge No.: HP10 (69ml) C4844a
HP82 (69ml) C4911a/12a/13a)


  • You may need modify your printer prior to installation.
  • BIG VOLUME INK TANK supplies ink continuously
  • COMBO RESET CHIPS are specifically designed to work with your printer, regardless of date manufactured!
  • SPONGE-LESS CARTRIDGE DESIGN prevents ink from drying up inside of the cartridge!
  • SMOOTH INK FLOW for better printing quality!
  • EMPTY OR PREFILLED WITH HIGH QUALITY GERMAN MATERIAL INK produces results similar to original ink!
  • MANUFACTURED IN ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED FACTORY means you get a high quality product!
  • HIGH QUALITY & LOW COST reduces printing costs up to 90%!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! Doesn't waste cartridges!

Each set contains:

  • Reservoir bottles with tubing
  • CIS cartridge with auto reset chip
  • Supports arm and refill tool
  • Instruction manual disk


General Tips for Your CISS:

  • ALWAYS keep your ink tanks at level with your ink cartridges; Best to set ink tanks side-by-side with printer.
  • NEVER leave CISS in area where children can accidentally spill the ink tanks.
  • PRINT a page or two every other week to prevent ink from drying up in your printer.
  • REFILL the ink tanks when they are down to 20%. Don't let it run out of ink!
  • CONTACT US if you have any questions or concerns regarding installation so we can happily assist you.