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Continuous Ink Supply System for HP K5300 / K550 / K5400 / L7680 / L7380


Product Description

Sinto Specifications:

80ml, 100ml large volume ink tank, cost effective;
To be used on HP K5300/K550/K5400/L7680/L7380 etc;
Continuous Ink Supply System with ARC chips are both available;
Offered with detailed instruction and with refill tool.

Sinto Features:

You may need modify your printer prior to installation.
BIG VOLUME INK TANK supplies ink continuously
AUTO RESET CHIPS are specifically designed to work with your printer, regardless of date manufactured!
SPONGE-LESS CARTRIDGE DESIGN prevents ink from drying up inside of the cartridge!
SMOOTH INK FLOW for better printing quality!
EMPTY OR PREFILLED WITH HIGH QUALITY GERMAN MATERIAL INK produces results similar to original ink!
MANUFACTURED IN ISO 9001: 2000 CERTIFIED FACTORY means you get a high quality product!
HIGH QUALITY & LOW COST reduces printing costs up to 90%!
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! Doesn't waste cartridges!

Each set contains:

Reservoir bottles with tubing
CIS cartridge with auto reset chip
Supports arm and refill tool
Instruction manual disk

General Tips for Your Sinto:

ALWAYS keep your ink tanks at level with your ink cartridges; Best to set ink tanks side-by-side with printer.
NEVER leave Sinto in area where children can accidentally spill the ink tanks.
PRINT a page or two every other week to prevent ink from drying up in your printer.
REFILL the ink tanks when they are down to 20%. Don't let it run out of ink!
CONTACT US if you have any questions or concerns regarding installation so we can happily assist you.

Model No. : DP-K5400
Material: PP material
Ink Tank Capacity: 80ml each
Payment Terms: TT, Western Union, Paypal
MOQ: 10 Pieces