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Toner Cartridge of Canon Crg 728 / 328 / 128



Product Description

Hot selling OEM toner cartridge of Canon CRG 728 / 328 / 128 

1) Product type: Compatible brand new 
2) Color: Black 
3) Page Yield: 2, 100 pages 
4) NEW OPC, with chip 
5) Compatiblity: Use for Canon printer Canon IC MF4570dn/4550d/4452/4450 Canon IC MF4420n/4412/4410 Canon IC D520 
6) Packaging: Neutral brown box or Color box 
7) Guarantee: 100%after sale and agree 1: 1 replacement or refund for defective goods. 

Service Advantages: 
1. - Best service with excellent quality; 
2. - Guarantee 100% replacement or refund for any defective products 
3. - Long term teachnical support, Professional engineer 

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